Hagilda (2002) is a platform of two type designers - Michal Sahar and Danny Meirav, Hatayas (the "pilot"). We both graduated from "Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem" (1996, 1998) and each of us runs his own graphic design studio in Tel Aviv.

The motivation behind Hagilda was to create a type designers cooperative that would make a difference in the Hebrew type design field in Israel. We are an alternative for those who really care about high standard typography, readability, and design. We commit to keeping the vibe of Hebrew letters, and the uniqueness of our language.

Although each of us designs his own types, we work in a close dialogue and give each other input through the process.

Hagilda is a collection of our original font familes, but we also use it a platform for creating mutual projects. (For example "The Classic Guild" project: we picked five classic Hebrew types considered as milestones in Hebrew typography, and redesigned them for fitting the needs of our time. This was a kind of a revival project because some of those fonts were really out of use in the last 10-20 years. We kept the design principles of the fonts but took the freedom to create our own interpretation for it. In addition, we added new weights that were missing in the originals.)

In these days, we started designing bilingual types (Hebrew and English). The development of the open type format gives us the opportunity to apply to the need of graphic designers in Israel that works in both languages parallely, and to design a bilingual font family in a single file.