TheMarks is a toolbox for designing an entire world with a single-style typeface. The visibility is a homage to modernist architecture and typography from the 50s–70s. The fundamental forms of Square and Circle are at the heart of the design and its proportions.
The design follows a 45° angle as much as possible; forms are abstracted to a minimum; and the overall appearance of the letter’s combination with pictograms is a unified, timeless, and genderless visual language.
The emoji design follows some rules: no circled eyes, no Disney/Smiley appearance, minimum is maximum, and using a playful combination of positive and negative intersections when works.

עיצוב: מיכל סהר (2023)
שם בתפריט: TheMarks
שפות: Hebrew, Latin Standard, Latin Extended
כולל: ניקוד מלא, תווים לטיניים, סימנים מיוחדים, ליגטורות
OpenType פיצ׳רים: Standard Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Superscript, Subscript, Slashed Zero, Alternate punctuation (ss01), Alternate letters (ss02), Squared emojis (ss03), Alternate arrows (ss04), Alternate arrows (ss05), Another alternate X (ss06), Alternate digit 1 (ss07), Squared numbers (ss08)
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